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I just wanted to do an official post and let everyone know that I am returning to my former blog. Truthfully, I miss it. I was on that blog for many years and it was like a comfortable pair of old shoes.

If you would like to follow me, I will be here: http://tc-twistedfairytale.blogspot.ca

Creativity and Storage

I thought I would post some layouts I did of my three youngest sprouts.  I wish I had a digital camera back when I had Lilly.  I would love to be able to post hers to compare.

This is Rose

This is Lotus

And this is Reed


I also thought I would post some more storage ideas I had for after my move.

I like the idea of under shelf baskets for storage for things like bread.  I actually have some of these that I can make better use of.

There is a small linen closet in the new place I love the ideas in this  pic for making the best use of space and keeping it organized.

I love the idea of a tension bar for cleaners and then baskets for soaps, sponges, and such.

Busy day

I had a busy day, shopping and cleaning and getting things done.  It was fun but exhausting.  What does it say about how old I am that a full day of shopping and cleaning completely wiped me out?  I was good about my eating though.  I allowed myself treats but they were vegetarian.  I had a bean burrito with no cheese for lunch and a veggie pizza with no cheese for supper.


I realized that I hadn’t finished all the layouts for Lotus’ first year like I had planned to do and I want to have them done so I can compare them with Reed’s when I do them.  So here is one that I did for when Lotus turned 10 months old.