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Would You Believe??

I am so glad to be home! Would you believe that after I posted my last post, I had a doctor’s appointment and was admitted back in the hospital for two days due to my blood pressure going crazy yet again. Needless to say, I really didn’t expect to be back there so soon. I was upset to be back there, but at least they let me keep the baby in the hospital with me. Lets hope that the 15 pills a day they have me taking keep me at home with my girls from now on.

Meeting their baby brother

Here are some pics of the girls when they were first introduced to their new baby brother! They were adorable and so fascinated. Click the pics to enlarge.

Home with my little Man

I am proud to announce that my little boy was born on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. He is absolutely beautiful. My blood pressure was up somewhere between percolate and slow boil and it insisted on staying there so the doctor’s decided it was time to have him. It was really fast. They tested my blood pressure and then told me it was way to high and that we were going to be having him soon it was a matter of days. Then a few minutes later, tested my blood pressure again. Before I knew it, they came back and told me it was going to be a matter of minutes before he arrived not days. It all happened so quickly that Wandering Aengus almost didn’t make it in time. He came rushing in as the doctor was scrubbing up and I was on the table frozen and ready to go.

Writing to Reed

The days are long in the hospital when you are bedrest. I find myself bonding with my baby boy and composing letters to him and writing out my thoughts as I lay here pondering how quickly our time alone together is coming to an end. He is an active, healthy little boy and I am so looking forward to having him in my arms. When I get out of here and have access to a computer of my own, I will share some of my letters and thoughts. While they may seem sappy, they are my thoughts and feelings about this one last addition to our family, our little boy who will make our family complete. And really, is it so wrong to be sappy about the upcoming birth of our new son?? I don’t think so.

On the more mundane side, we are doing okay. He is doing wonderful and I am holding my own with my blood pressures holding steady at way-too-darned-high. I will try to update when I can.

U/S Appointment.

We had an U/S today. It was fun to see him again. The U/S tech had a student there and so was explaining everything to her. It meant that she was also explaining everything to me. She even went into detail to show how we can be 100% sure that in our case this is definitely a boy. The student said, “Wow, I didn’t expect it to be so clear.” So I guess I can relax and be sure that that we really are adding a boy to our not so little family of girls. He was sweet with his hands and his feet all tucked up into his face. He is still head up and butt down, so even if we weren’t planning a c-section, he would probably be one anyway.

My blood pressure has been up since I got home and my head is aching so I am trying to take it easy and bring it down if I can.

Special Moment

This is the first of my pregnancies where I can lay on my back and feel exactly where the baby is. I can gently nudge him and have him react to it. So last night, I showed Wandering Aengus. I showed him how to feel where the baby is and how to nudge him and to get him to react. It truly was a special moment to see the wonder on his face as realized he was feeling his son and his son was reacting to his touch.

Quiet days

It is quiet being at home all the time and even though I haven’t entirely succeeded in being actually on bedrest the way I am supposed to be, I am trying the best I can. I am so anxious to have the Gestational Diabetes gone so that I have some bad stuff. I want something frozen and sweet and creamy soooo bad and something decadent and chocolate would so hit the spot!!

The nurse was here today checking on us. We are doing okay. I love that I can actually feel exactly where he is in there. I can lay on my back and feel his head and his back and his butt. I can tap him and make him move!!! I can’t wait to meet this adorable little man.

Holding our own

I had an appointment today to check on my blood pressure and my diabetes as well as checking in on how our new baby boy is doing in there. My blood pressures are holding their own and pretty crappy, we increased my insulin and my baby boy is doing just fine!

I have a funny note about when the nurse was here yesterday. When the nurse listened to my baby on the doppler, three-year-old Rose jumped up on the couch beside me, lifted her shirt and asked to hear the baby in her belly too. It was too cute! The nurse put the doppler up to her belly near her heart so she could hear her own heartbeat. She was thrilled!

One day home

Well I have been home almost one day and I have to say, I find it impossible to do as I am told and treat my house as my hospital bed. The kids kept me up most of the night, I had about 4 hours sleep, they need tending, the house needs tending and my blood pressure is up. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go back to the hospital but I am not going to fudge my tests results that I am taking either. This is for our good. How do people do this????

Home Again

Yay! I got to go home today on a prenatal hypertension homecare program. I track my blood pressures, my blood suagar levels, protein in my urine, I go back in on Wednesday for a checkup, every Friday for an Ultrasound and a nurse comes to see me every day. So wish me luck.