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I just wanted to do an official post and let everyone know that I am returning to my former blog. Truthfully, I miss it. I was on that blog for many years and it was like a comfortable pair of old shoes.

If you would like to follow me, I will be here: http://tc-twistedfairytale.blogspot.ca


Getting Organized

I am getting organized now and I love it. My linen closet has never looked so good. I have nice white containers for everything. And I am keeping the blankets in the rooms they are most used to keep them from taking up all the space in the closet.

I am putting up curtains and pictures and making the house look good. It just makes me happy to feel like this house is clean and spacious and bright and airy!

My bathroom is white a shiny. I got a new shower curtain liner. I always replace my shower curtain liner and my toilet brush when I move. I hate the idea of packing them up and moving them. YUCK!

Creativity and Storage

I thought I would post some layouts I did of my three youngest sprouts.  I wish I had a digital camera back when I had Lilly.  I would love to be able to post hers to compare.

This is Rose

This is Lotus

And this is Reed


I also thought I would post some more storage ideas I had for after my move.

I like the idea of under shelf baskets for storage for things like bread.  I actually have some of these that I can make better use of.

There is a small linen closet in the new place I love the ideas in this  pic for making the best use of space and keeping it organized.

I love the idea of a tension bar for cleaners and then baskets for soaps, sponges, and such.

The Good and Bad

First the good stuff:

  • My babies are all wonderful.  My boy sleeps better than any baby I have ever known.  My girls are sweetness defined.
  • When Wandering Aengus took Lilly out this evening, the babies all went to sleep and I got the house tidied up!  I love looking around and seeing tidy.
  • My blood pressure has come down a little and I was able to go from 15 pills a day to 11 pills a day.
  • I have been having fun planning two new unit studies for us to do, one on Earth day and one on Farms.  I love this part of homeschooling.

Now the Bad:

  • I hate how my stomach looks right now!  It looks like a very large underinflated balloon!  I really need to get back to getting in shape.  This has led me to the decision that as of next grocery day, I am back on a diet and getting healthier again.
  • I have been overdoing it a bit and I am pretty sure it is effecting how my inside incision is healing.

A Mom of Four

I am loving being a mom of 4.  I have managed to catch up on my housework for the most part and my girls love my baby boy.  Rose is always concerned when she hears him cry, she comes running and asks, “Is he okay?”  It is sweet.

I sometimes talk to him when I am cuddling him.  It is such a nice time sitting in the dark in his room, cuddling and feeding him.  I was talking to him yesterday, telling him about the family that he is joining.  It is a noisy house, but a house filled with games of tag, and stories, and tickles and hide and seek.  With three fun-filled, loving, big sisters I think it will be a wonderful place for him to grow up.

Our landlord sent out a paper saying that everyone was getting an inspection today.  I have never had an inspection and I have no idea what to expect.  It makes me nervous, but there is nothing I can do about it.  The house is clean and tidy. . . . well clean and as tidy as you can expect with four kids running around messing it up behind me.


Not a bad day today. I got more of the nursery set up the way I want it. It had become disorganized while I was in the hospital and so I had fun trying it out different ways. When we were out yesterday, I found some things for the walls that I am looking forward to putting up as well. When I am done, I will take pics.

After I am done the nursery, I want to get at my room. It is a disaster because everything that has no home anywhere else in our house finds it’s home there. So my next big project will be to find a way to organized the mismatched clutter.