Robertson Ship Chandlery

My favorite part of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic was William Robertson & Son Store!  It has been on the Halifax Waterfront since the 1840s.  Robertson Ship Chandlery has been restored to the way it looked at the turn of the last century. I think it looks so amazing

On the Waterfront

We had a great day yesterday at the waterfront.  We listened to buskers.  It was fun and the crowds really got into it.

Rose thought the buskers were too loud. LOL

There were lots of boats in the harbour.

We sat and watched the boats and the jelly fish in the water.

Doesn’t this look a little like that the cover of Beatles album, Abbey road?

We saw the Harbour Hopper on land, giving a tour.  I have always wanted to go for a ride on there.

We also saw the Harbour Hopper on the water too.

Wandering Aengus insisted that his girls deserved Cotton Candy.

Rose wanted no part of the Cotton Candy.  As far as she was concerned, it wasn’t food at all.  Lotus had some but then ripped the candy off and played with the stick. LOL

Lilly had no problems with the Cotton Candy and ate it ALL up!

This man was fun singing a song about the boardwalk.

I have seen this guy at the farmer’s market and wanted to get a pic of him.   Since Wandering Aengus wore a kilt to our wedding, I have a soft spot for a man in a kilt.

The wooden statues outside the stores reminded me of that old song by Charlie Pride, “Kaw liga”

Lilly was pretend to slay the bear with her balloon sword.

I love the decor of the shops down at the waterfront, lots of wood and stone and barrels.

We watched the busker make balloon animals and got all the kids (except Reed at 2 months old, it seems unnecessary. LOL)

Wandering Aengus got me a balloon flower.

I loved the railway tracks.  Since they are still active, Wandering Aengus vetoed any pics with people on the tracks.*pout*

The girls loved the ferry ride.  It is fun that for the price of a bus fare, we get a chance to go for a ride on the water.

We had snacks while watching the buskers.

Sunny Days

I had a great day with friends and their kids. It was fun a fun way to spend the long weekend and it was great to see all the kids running around having fun. All together there was 13 kids and 5 moms. One mom even had kids the same ages as my 3 youngest ones.


And my very favorite pic of the day . . . . all my little sprouts in one pic!

Catching up

I remember when my friend and I were pregnant with our first babies 10 years ago.  We imagined spending time together while we watched our kids play together and become best friends.  Well, life got in the way and it didn’t happen that way, but yesterday we finally managed to get together with all our kids.  We had a fun afternoon, having dinner and watching the kids, catching up on old times and thinking about times we will have now that we are living in the same area again.  (Now if only my other friend could move here too, life would be perfect!)

Special Moment

This is the first of my pregnancies where I can lay on my back and feel exactly where the baby is. I can gently nudge him and have him react to it. So last night, I showed Wandering Aengus. I showed him how to feel where the baby is and how to nudge him and to get him to react. It truly was a special moment to see the wonder on his face as realized he was feeling his son and his son was reacting to his touch.

Still in here

Well my blood pressure was doing better but then it spiked up again last night and this morning. So lucky me, I get to spend teh weekend in the hsopital. I actually don’t mind. I mean it would be nice to be home taking care of my girls and taking some of the pressure off of Wandering Aengus, but I am in here taking care of me and my newest little man. Every time they do an U/S I get them to verify that he is a boy and they always tell me he is, so I guess I really do get to see what it is like to take care of a boy instead of a girl. They increased my medication again and gave me some steroids for the baby’s lungs should we need to deliver early. So for now it is a waiting game.

This hospital is so much nicer than the one in St. John’s. I mean the nurses are wonderful in both places. I think it takes a special kind of person to take care of moms who are so very worried and anxious to get home and can’t always be the most cheerful of people. These ladies do a fantastic job and always with a smile on their faces. I really like the food here. It is SOOOOOOOO much better than the food in the NL hospitals and I get a menu that I can order from whenever I want to!!! The kitchen has hours and I can place my order and wait for delivery. There is a laundry room and family rooms as well. (Not that I am allowed out of bed to go there, but it is nice to know that they are there.) It really is a hospital that is set up to make your stay as painless as possible.

Poor Aengus is at home with all the girls. He is doing well, but I think he misses me taking the morning shifts and I know the girls miss my food. LOL but I think they will be okay and hey, they will appreciate me all the more when I get home, right??

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for all your support. I will update more when I can.

Looking up

Well today I got some good deals on used furniture. I spent about $180 and got some bunk beds for the girls, a hide-a-bed couch for the living room, a play pen, and a stroller. On Monday another really nice leather couch for the living room is being delivered and a 4 in 1 crib and a bunch of baby boy clothes has been promised to me. I am so relieved. We are set now. We needed so many things and I was stressing on how to get them all. Things were wrecked in our move and I suddenly found myself needing things for our home. I needed somewhere to sleep for the guest who is coming to help Wandering Aengus with the girls when I am in the hospital. I needed better beds for the girls, because their room is too small for all those beds and the toddler beds have been destroyed anyway. I needed somewhere for the baby to sleep and I needed some more clothes for the baby. In one short day, I got all of that taken care of. I love it when things come together like that.

Getting it done.

I worked hard today, trying desperately to clear out all the boxes that are in Reed’s nursery to be. I got a lot done. I am hoping to have it done within a week. Wandering Aengus doesn’t understand why I need to have it done so soon when I am not due until April. But, we know that given my prenatal history, I probably have a month or so at the most and for my own sense of well-being I need to have the nursery done and my hospital bag ready. So, here’s to my being industrious and getting it all done soon.