Creativity and Storage

I thought I would post some layouts I did of my three youngest sprouts.  I wish I had a digital camera back when I had Lilly.  I would love to be able to post hers to compare.

This is Rose

This is Lotus

And this is Reed


I also thought I would post some more storage ideas I had for after my move.

I like the idea of under shelf baskets for storage for things like bread.  I actually have some of these that I can make better use of.

There is a small linen closet in the new place I love the ideas in this  pic for making the best use of space and keeping it organized.

I love the idea of a tension bar for cleaners and then baskets for soaps, sponges, and such.

Robertson Ship Chandlery

My favorite part of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic was William Robertson & Son Store!  It has been on the Halifax Waterfront since the 1840s.  Robertson Ship Chandlery has been restored to the way it looked at the turn of the last century. I think it looks so amazing

Pics from the meeting

I thought I would share some pics of my parents and my brother and sister.  It has been so long since I saw my sister that I didn’t even recognize her, not even a little bit.

And here is how it went.  It wasn’t a long visit, but was okay with me. When we got their Rose was throwing a temper tantrum and then mom gave Lilly a book from their religion that was WAY to mature for her (like answering questions regarding a couple’s sex life and such) so Wandering Aengus took it away and SHE spent the whole rest of the visit throwing a temper tantrum making my mom feel bad.

So two out of my four kids threw a temper tantrum and my mom felt bad about the book. Dad gave her money and she bought something at Scholars Choice and that made her happy but they were gone by then. They bought some cute clothes for the kids and admired how cute they were, but it was mostly awkward and uncomfortable.

When we got home, we were walking up the three floors to our apartment and Lotus slipped on the stairs, I caught her by her wrist and when we got home, she started to cry and hold her wrist.  I felt terrible, because I felt like I was responsible for her pain.  We took her to the doctor but we got no real answers regarding her wrist. The doctor manipulated it quite a bit and said that as far as he could tell it wasn’t sprained or dislocated. She was miserable most of last night with it, but today she isn’t crying about it as much but she is favoring it a lot. If she keeps favoring it, I am going to take her in to get an x-ray to get a second opinion.

All in all, I have had better days.

So Nervous!

So I figured it out last night and it has been 6 years since I have seen my parents. I am so nervous. They just called out of the blue yesterday to tell me that they will be in town and I am going to see them today. Aaaugh! I hope it goes okay. I am glad I am meeting them at the store because having them come here would stress me out even more.  Well, at least they will meet their three youngest grandchildren.


My parents are coming to town.  They just called and they will be in town tomorrow and wanted to stop by to see the kids.  Honestly I am nervous as HECK!  I hope they agree to meet up somewhere instead.  I am scared of them judging me, my home and where I live.  I am so freaking nervous!

Edited to add:  they just called back and agreed to meet us at the Zellers at the Mic Mac mall.  Thank goodness for that at least.

My houseguest

My houseguest is the best guest ever! He is my husband’s friend and he has been a big help. Last night he did all the night shifts with the baby and I got to sleep all night long. I got up and got a nice luxurious bath and a nice hot cup of coffee before the baby got up and I was rested and enjoying some cuddle time with my boy. VERY NICE!

Saturday Photohunt: Taste


I thought I would participate in the Saturday Photohunt this week and the PhotoHunt for this week is ‘Taste’. I thought about it for a second and realized I had the perfect pictures for this theme! I took them at the waterfront. My oldest daughter, Lilly is very much enjoying the TASTE of cotton candy and my youngest daughter, Lotus is timidly attempting to TASTE cotton candy for the first time.