About Glimmering Girl

Married to Wandering Aengus (LINK) and stay at home, homeschooling mother of 4 (Lilly, Rose, Lotus, Reed), and Lilly has high-functioning autism.  Having moved more than 40 times (no that is not a typo 40 times!) in my life, I have definitely done my share of wandering.  And although I definitely have a wandering soul, I am hoping soon to settle so that my little sprouts can grow some roots.

Glimmering Girl (Me)

Reed - due April 22

Lotus and Wandering Aengus


My Girls with Wandering Aengus



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One thought on “About Glimmering Girl

  1. Lovely blog! I like the blue-colored background and the layout. Good job!

    You’ve moved 40 times? Wow. I thought I moved a lot (21 times so far).

    Wishing you the best that you and your family will get to settle and that your “little sprouts can grow some roots” – I like that expression.

    Blessings from Ireland!

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