Little Things

There are little things about having my baby that I want to cherish. Things I want to remember when he is older: the feel of his cheek against mine, the way he breaths quick heavy breaths as he is getting ready to fall asleep, the way he giggles in his sleep, how he can not drink a bottle without some dripping down his little chin, and how he stops crying the minute I pick him up. I even want to remember how he is absolutely against me eating, ever, at any point. It is so funny. The minute I think about food, he fusses to be fed. I feed him and then I get up to make me food and as I finish (no matter how quickly I grab something), he fusses to be fed again. Then as I sit down to eat my now room temperature food, he fusses again. I never get to eat unless someone else is here and takes him for a cuddle for a few minutes. Even then, after I am done, I have to cuddle him for a while. But I don’t mind. I just soak up every cuddle I can. I know how how quickly he will be too busy to stop and cuddle his mommy and I will remember all those cuddles, the ones when I was hungry, the ones when I was busy and all the kids wanted me at once, and even early in the morning hours before the sun is awake and I am half snoozing in our cuddle. He is sweet. He is so worth it.


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