Still Working on it

I am really hoping that I can arrange to get out of this place soon.  I couldn’t have known what it was like moving from so far away and when we got here with all our stuff in tow, there was no place else for us to go and I thought we had already signed a lease, but there is a chance that through some oversight, there is no lease and if there isn’t, there is a chance that a former landlord may rent a house to us.  We are still looking into it and there are other places but this place is familiar, I have lived in it.  It has a fenced backyard and it is workable.  It isn’t huge and I have to make some adjustments, but I can make it work and the rent is low enough that I can purchase things to make it work and  it is bigger than our last two places.  It may not be ideal, but there are no surprises and it is more ideal than any place we have had lately.   And honestly, I am excited at the prospect of moving there.  I liked it there and it feels like going home.


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