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I think we have the place I wanted. I am really happy. I can totally picture our family there.

Giggles and whispers

After all those years with just one child, I am forever grateful for all my little sprouts.  I LOVE how much they love each other, how much they enjoy each other.  I love to hear them talking and playing and giggling together.  They are the best things I have ever been given and the chance to enjoy each other is the best thing that I have ever given them.


On the Waterfront

We had a great day yesterday at the waterfront.  We listened to buskers.  It was fun and the crowds really got into it.

Rose thought the buskers were too loud. LOL

There were lots of boats in the harbour.

We sat and watched the boats and the jelly fish in the water.

Doesn’t this look a little like that the cover of Beatles album, Abbey road?

We saw the Harbour Hopper on land, giving a tour.  I have always wanted to go for a ride on there.

We also saw the Harbour Hopper on the water too.

Wandering Aengus insisted that his girls deserved Cotton Candy.

Rose wanted no part of the Cotton Candy.  As far as she was concerned, it wasn’t food at all.  Lotus had some but then ripped the candy off and played with the stick. LOL

Lilly had no problems with the Cotton Candy and ate it ALL up!

This man was fun singing a song about the boardwalk.

I have seen this guy at the farmer’s market and wanted to get a pic of him.   Since Wandering Aengus wore a kilt to our wedding, I have a soft spot for a man in a kilt.

The wooden statues outside the stores reminded me of that old song by Charlie Pride, “Kaw liga”

Lilly was pretend to slay the bear with her balloon sword.

I love the decor of the shops down at the waterfront, lots of wood and stone and barrels.

We watched the busker make balloon animals and got all the kids (except Reed at 2 months old, it seems unnecessary. LOL)

Wandering Aengus got me a balloon flower.

I loved the railway tracks.  Since they are still active, Wandering Aengus vetoed any pics with people on the tracks.*pout*

The girls loved the ferry ride.  It is fun that for the price of a bus fare, we get a chance to go for a ride on the water.

We had snacks while watching the buskers.


I have food issues.  I always have.  I need one place where I am honest with my feelings and my inner crazy thoughts.  So in amongst the happy happy mommy posts and my recipes and my vegetarian thoughts, here is where I spill those thoughts that overwhelm me.

I feel guilty. I had a big lunch of vegan macaroni and cheez. It was thick and yummy and it was NOT low fat and it was WAY too many calories and I am sitting here nearly in tears because I wasn’t strong enough not to eat so very much lunch.

Little Things

There are little things about having my baby that I want to cherish. Things I want to remember when he is older: the feel of his cheek against mine, the way he breaths quick heavy breaths as he is getting ready to fall asleep, the way he giggles in his sleep, how he can not drink a bottle without some dripping down his little chin, and how he stops crying the minute I pick him up. I even want to remember how he is absolutely against me eating, ever, at any point. It is so funny. The minute I think about food, he fusses to be fed. I feed him and then I get up to make me food and as I finish (no matter how quickly I grab something), he fusses to be fed again. Then as I sit down to eat my now room temperature food, he fusses again. I never get to eat unless someone else is here and takes him for a cuddle for a few minutes. Even then, after I am done, I have to cuddle him for a while. But I don’t mind. I just soak up every cuddle I can. I know how how quickly he will be too busy to stop and cuddle his mommy and I will remember all those cuddles, the ones when I was hungry, the ones when I was busy and all the kids wanted me at once, and even early in the morning hours before the sun is awake and I am half snoozing in our cuddle. He is sweet. He is so worth it.

yummy tofu!

It sounds like a contradiction in terms but I am addicted to tofu!  I love it and I make it a little spicy.

Here is how I do it.  The amounts are flexible.

1/4 cup nutritional yeast
1 tsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp salt (I add more sometimes because I like it it salty and spicy)
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

I cook in a little non-stick spray in a pan. I make sure to not move it or touch it all until it is crispy on one side and then turn it and do the same thing. It makes a fabulous sandwich. Today I cut my tofu into cubes and added extra cayenne pepper and made spicy tofu nuggets for my lunch. SO GOOD!


Okay so here’s the thing.  I hate my stomach.  My girls will be silly and jump on my and watch my belly jiggle and I hate it.  I know I just had a baby but when I look at it, it has the look of homemade bread that has risen and then started to be punched down.  It is jiggly and fluffy and not attractive AT ALL.

I feel so desperate for the yuckiness to go away.  I have to watch myself because there are days when I would do anything to lose weight and look better.

Still Working on it

I am really hoping that I can arrange to get out of this place soon.  I couldn’t have known what it was like moving from so far away and when we got here with all our stuff in tow, there was no place else for us to go and I thought we had already signed a lease, but there is a chance that through some oversight, there is no lease and if there isn’t, there is a chance that a former landlord may rent a house to us.  We are still looking into it and there are other places but this place is familiar, I have lived in it.  It has a fenced backyard and it is workable.  It isn’t huge and I have to make some adjustments, but I can make it work and the rent is low enough that I can purchase things to make it work and  it is bigger than our last two places.  It may not be ideal, but there are no surprises and it is more ideal than any place we have had lately.   And honestly, I am excited at the prospect of moving there.  I liked it there and it feels like going home.

Keep your fingers crossed!

There is a chance that we will be able to get out of this lease and out of this scary neighbourhood.  I haven’t said much on here, but this neighbourhood scares me.  I won’t let Lilly go out to play and this apartment building is filled with scary people.  But we may have a chance to not only get out of our lease but to get into a HOUSE which is close by but believe it or not in a MUCH better neighbourhood.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that it all works out.  I am really excited!

Silly Girl

Before throwing the girls into the bathtub, we cleaned out the their room. I swear I need a Hazmat suit when I get to digging around in there!!  Anyway, when we did, we piled all the teddy’s, blankets, and pillows and threw them up on the top bunk.  As soon as I did, Lotus (who has a cold, poor baby) climbed up there and jumped into them.  She was so funny covering herself up in all that stuff looking very cozy and silly.