I have been having fun looking at new vegetarian websites.   I find them inspiring and I like to get new ideas to try.  I found one that has several recipes I want to try.  Like these ones:

  •  Cheese Sauce – No weird ingredients and no nutritional yeast for when I am out of it.
  • Basic White Sauce – use this sauce as a base – then add seasonings or shredded “cheese” to it and use it as a “cheese sauce” over veggies.
  • Eggplant Pizza Stacks – simple and sounds yummy!
  • No Bake Brownies – a wonderful splurge

One thought on “Websites

  1. I’ve done something similar to the Eggplant Pizza Stacks. I bread sliced eggplant, fry in oil, and add toppings. Yum! I wish the cheese sauce didn’t use nuts; my daughter is allergic to nuts (as well as milk and wheat).

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