Why So Judgmental

I wonder why some people are so judgmental when it comes to my choice to homeschool my daughter.  I wonder why they feel the need to tell me how they feel at every opportunity.  It is even people who are related and who know my daughter, who know how she suffered in public school and yet they STILL feel that she would be better off suffering there than in my loving home learning in an environment where her differences are celebrated instead of made fun of.  Where she sits high in her seat and proudly shows me how much she has learned instead of cowering under tables completely hysterical wishing desperately for some way for her to be cured of her autism. Where do they get the nerve to tell me that I don’t know what is best for my child.  Trust me, the socialization she gets in an environment where she is loved and celebrated is much better than anything she ever got in the years she was in public school.  *sigh*


12 thoughts on “Why So Judgmental

  1. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had too many negative responses to our decision to homeschool. There have been a few, but that’s to be expected, I guess. I have had someone try to tell me that they would be socially stunted… Until they met them, and changed their minds. *lol*

    Then they all get jealous because they see just how well behaved all my kids are. 😉


    • Thanks, the socialization thing gets brought up a lot and drives me crazy because the socialization that she got in public school was awful, it made her feel bad about herself and made her insecure. She is thriving and confident and so much better in homeschool.

  2. Yup….I’ve found the same thing, mostly from those who are ‘close’. I had one relative write me a long letter pointing out to me, the benefits of being with others and out at public school (like I’d never bothered to research that?). Oye. Now one dc is away at college, on dc is doing college courses through distance and both thriving. Makes me want to sit down now and answer that letter back…..each point by each point…that has been proven very wrong.

  3. Some people have trouble accepting that there are other ways of living that are okay too. It gets easier as my kids get older and speak for themselves.

  4. Your kids are younger. I remember when my kids were younger, I got a lot of opinions and flack. Now my children are older. They have opinions, communicate and you can see a great education in them. Plus, my kids have no issue with debating homeschool. They love the ignoramuses that get into a public school is better battle. Another thing, we moved to a very homeschool friendly area. I know more homeschoolers here than public schoolers. Hang in there. The early years are tough.

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