I have been including a lot more printables off the internet in our schooling and Lilly seems to be really enjoying it.  She is less overwhelmed by a sheet of paper with a few questions on it and she is interested in the subjects I print off.  In among the things I printed off yesterday was a write-up on the science of sneezing.  She found it interesting and funny and had no issue with reading it and showing her comprehension by answering questions on it.  I include a little something on the earth every day since Earth day is coming up this month and she enjoys that too.  With  math, I include just enough examples for her to show that she understands the concepts and not so many that she becomes overwhelmed and shuts down.  She is also learning to do her work more independently without me having to guide her through every problem and that will be invaluable when we include Rose in our homeschooling on a more regular basis.


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