A Mom of Four

I am loving being a mom of 4.  I have managed to catch up on my housework for the most part and my girls love my baby boy.  Rose is always concerned when she hears him cry, she comes running and asks, “Is he okay?”  It is sweet.

I sometimes talk to him when I am cuddling him.  It is such a nice time sitting in the dark in his room, cuddling and feeding him.  I was talking to him yesterday, telling him about the family that he is joining.  It is a noisy house, but a house filled with games of tag, and stories, and tickles and hide and seek.  With three fun-filled, loving, big sisters I think it will be a wonderful place for him to grow up.

Our landlord sent out a paper saying that everyone was getting an inspection today.  I have never had an inspection and I have no idea what to expect.  It makes me nervous, but there is nothing I can do about it.  The house is clean and tidy. . . . well clean and as tidy as you can expect with four kids running around messing it up behind me.


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