Home with my little Man

I am proud to announce that my little boy was born on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. He is absolutely beautiful. My blood pressure was up somewhere between percolate and slow boil and it insisted on staying there so the doctor’s decided it was time to have him. It was really fast. They tested my blood pressure and then told me it was way to high and that we were going to be having him soon it was a matter of days. Then a few minutes later, tested my blood pressure again. Before I knew it, they came back and told me it was going to be a matter of minutes before he arrived not days. It all happened so quickly that Wandering Aengus almost didn’t make it in time. He came rushing in as the doctor was scrubbing up and I was on the table frozen and ready to go.


9 thoughts on “Home with my little Man

  1. Congratulations! Did Reed require any NICU time? Doesn’t look like it and I hope not. He is a beautiful little boy! I bet his big sisters are loving him.

    • I am so lucky, he was and is perfectly healthy. The doctors from the NICU were there when he was born but after looking at him, they decided he was perfect and could stay with me. The girls are all madly in love with him, it is so sweet.

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