One day home

Well I have been home almost one day and I have to say, I find it impossible to do as I am told and treat my house as my hospital bed. The kids kept me up most of the night, I had about 4 hours sleep, they need tending, the house needs tending and my blood pressure is up. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go back to the hospital but I am not going to fudge my tests results that I am taking either. This is for our good. How do people do this????


One thought on “One day home

  1. I didn’t have high blood pressure when I was pregnant, but was put on bed rest. (I had pre-term labor) Even while on bed rest, I still had to take care of Beaner and Half-pint. It wasn’t easy. My family didn’t have the ability to come help and I hate hospitals.
    The kids and I spent the days snuggled up in my bed watching movies, coloring, reading books, and playing barbies.
    I feel your pain. Bed rest sucks! BP is serious. It’s not something to mess around with, which I know that you know. It is hard to remember at times when we are in the trenches with other little ones. How old are you other children? Perhaps you can explain to them why you have to be in the bed. Also, allowing them to come up with ideas of fun things to do, may encourage them to help you. My kids were my jailer. They knew why I couldn’t leave the bed and made it so I didn’t have to…LOL!
    I would also suggest perhaps getting a family helper if one can be afforded. Family helpers are typically a teen homeschooled girl. They come help out with the kids during the day. Mine helped me after nap-time as the mornings were generally easy. Many times they don’t ask for an unreasonable amount of pay. I have been considering getting a mommy’s helper for a few hours a week again to help with lil-bit.
    I hope that your bp comes down soon and you can go back to life as normal.

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