U/S appointment.

Went to my U/S yesterday.  It is a good thing they didn’t take my blood pressure because I am sure it would have been sky high!  I was so nervous everything wouldn’t be okay with my baby boy.  But my little guy is still a baby boy and he is  a BIG baby boy!!! He is measuring 3 1/2 weeks older than he is!!!  That is definitely a result of my Gestational Diabetes. He is footling breach but he is healthy, has a good strong heartbeat, good blood flow and good healthy kidneys.  After already having two c-sections, I knew this little guy was going to be another one, but he decided to try a new kind of breach position.  My girls were all transverse, but he is head up and feet right down on my cervix.  That really explains why I feel the painful kicks down there.  He was so sweet with his little head of hair and his chest rising a falling while he did his practice breathing.  I am so in love with this little guy!


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