Prenatal Appointment

Well, I had a prenatal appointment this morning. And, my blood sugars are up, my blood pressures are up and we are apparently probably going to be on the fast track for this little one. I am going to be on insulin and blood pressure medication. I am a little panicked. I have tests to schedule, U/S to schedule, and things to do. Not the news I was hoping for. Since we only just moved recently, I am NOT ready for this little guy. But with all my previous pregnancies hospitalization followed soon after my blood pressures going up. I am going to be on blood pressure medications and insulin. On Monday we are going to go out and buy a crib and get some stuff for the house for if I get hospitalized again and some stuff for me. I was really hoping to have at least another month before my blood pressures started going up.


4 thoughts on “Prenatal Appointment

    • unfortunately when I moved after Lotus was in a toddler bed, I got rid of the crib and EVERYTHING ELSE! I didn’t know our plans would change to include this little bundle of joy we have coming now.

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