Relief regarding homeschool

One thing that I have noticed about our homeschooling this year is that we have done better than I thought we would. I was really worried that with the move and the delays caused by it, we were going to be really behind and then with the baby coming, I really figured we would have to do work all summer to keep up. But truthfully all the pressure I put on us was pointless. We worked so hard that we are actually ahead of where I wanted to be. Even with the baby coming and the inevitable time off that will entail, we are going to be done early. We will have lots of time to do unit studies and fun things which makes me happy. The only thing we will have to be working on during the summer is math, but I am good with that because it is such a weak point with Lilly that I would rather keep it fresh in her mind all year through. I am going to do some unit studies and some field trips and fun things during the summer just because we like it. But I do feel a lot better about where we are now.


2 thoughts on “Relief regarding homeschool

  1. Yup, that sounds very familiar.
    I’m more confident this year (our 2nd), about mixing in more extra projects throughout the year, knowing that we’ll have plenty of time to cover the basics.
    And, yes, it is such a big relief to realize that you can relax and enjoy!

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