Little Miss Grouchy-Pants

I have been put on medication for my Gestational diabetes.  This medication is making me GROUCHY!  It does other stuff too, like make me really really really tired, both my stomach and give me headaches.  But the worst part is my lack of patience.  I feel bad for my girls.  They don’t deserve for me to be so short on patience with them.  I try to fight it and put on a happy face, but sometimes, I know I am not patient as I usually am.  I honestly hope that I just get put back on insulin again like my previous pregnancies instead of this darned old medication making me and my whole family miserable.


3 thoughts on “Little Miss Grouchy-Pants

  1. I felt a loss of patience with my older kids when pregnant without having any medication to blame. I think it’s natural. I rolled with it, let my husband take over so I got time to myself, and remembered time passes and we get lots of chances to do things better.

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