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I am going back to eating a completely plant based diet.  I am so excited!  I can’t wait to hit the farmer’s market down the road.  This time Wandering Aengus said he was willing to give it a trial run with me.  So I have one week of it to try to convince him that he won’t feel like he is eating only side dishes.  But whether he sticks it out or not, I will be.  I just feel so much better, healthier, more energy, and less stomach issues when I eat this way and with our financial situation since we moved, there is no reason for me to avoid cooking two meals every day if that is what it takes.  I would love to hear any ideas you may have to help me out, any family favorites would be wonderful!

Laundry Room Etiquette

What do you do when you are in the laundry room ready to put your clothes in the dryer and someone else has their clothes left in there, probably all night.  I took them out lay them on top of the dryer and put mine in, but then I have visions of going into the laundry room of our apartment building and being met with some crazy angry lady who is screaming at me waving a laundry basket and a roll of quarters in my face.  There were other dryers, but this is the good one and I have been the only one in the laundry room all morning, the clothes were ice cold, so I really feel this stuff was left there all night to reserve the dryer for today.  What would you do?

Baby Thoughts.

When I was pregnant with my two younger girls, it was after I had a lost a baby.  I was scared.  I had troubles connecting the fact that the wonderful feelings of movement inside me were of an actual baby, instead it was like little promises of a baby still to come.  But this time around, it is all more real.  I am less scared.  And every time this little guy kicks (which is hard and a lot) I can picture him in my head.  I see my little boy in there moving and kicking and he is REAL to me.  (even if by some strange turn of events HE turned into a SHE, it wouldn’t matter).  I am holding my baby inside of me and when he kicks it is like he is talking to me.  It is hard to explain but it truly is different.  I am feeling my baby now instead of the promise of a baby to come in a few months.


I am still barely functioning with this headache.  It is truly beginning to get the best of me.  My biggest fear is that they will continue after the baby is born.  I want to enjoy my little boy.  I want to be completely in the moment, not struggling to function through a haze of pain.


Quiet day today.  I have BOOMING headache.  I woke up not feeling well but I did manage to get a few things done before the pain in my  head got overwhelming.  I did manage to make bread, tidy up, clean the floor, unpack a few boxes , do some laundry and make supper.  But by that point the pain in my head knocked me off my feet.  So, there is not much left in me for blogging today.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Happy Birthday to my 10 year old Girl

Today my Lilly hit the double digits. It is hard to believe that 10 years ago today I became a mom. She is such a great kid, so helpful with her sisters, so loving and such a fun person to be around. The Autism doesn’t really come in to play at all most of the time since we brought her home to homeschool, and truth be told, if she was in school all day, I would miss her.

Lilly at Christmas

Lilly in September

Making steps.

I am in the process of trying to get in contact with the local homeschoolers. I am really looking forward to having some contacts here in town. My full participation may be a bit light until after the baby is born, but at least I will be here and be meeting a few other mothers who homeschool.

Leftover Rice Pudding

I had leftover rice in the fridge and I thought it would be nice to come up with some kind of rice pudding for breakfast for the girls.  So I kind of winged it a bit and here is what I came up with:

Leftover Rice Pudding

Measurements are Approximate:

4 cups of rice
2 cups of milk (soy milk, almond milk, or other milks would work here as well)
2 Tbsp butter
6 Tbsp brown sugar
cinnamon to taste
raisins and dried cranberries
2 eggs

I cooked it on the stove until it got thick and lovely and then put it in the fridge to cool just a little for the girls to enjoy. I put a little syrup on it for them before serving and it was a really yummy!

Little Miss Grouchy-Pants

I have been put on medication for my Gestational diabetes.  This medication is making me GROUCHY!  It does other stuff too, like make me really really really tired, both my stomach and give me headaches.  But the worst part is my lack of patience.  I feel bad for my girls.  They don’t deserve for me to be so short on patience with them.  I try to fight it and put on a happy face, but sometimes, I know I am not patient as I usually am.  I honestly hope that I just get put back on insulin again like my previous pregnancies instead of this darned old medication making me and my whole family miserable.

Quite a Boon!

I love poking through used book stores.  I love looking for old books or learning books to add to the girls homeschool collection.  Well, today I hit a boon.  I was wandering around looking at books and I couldn’t see a price, so I picked out three that I liked and went up to pay for them.  When I got there the cashier says, “You know I still have to charge you a dollar even if you got three instead of ten, right?”  In my head I was thinking, “What! What! What! They are only 10 for a $1! wow!”  Out loud I just said, “Hold on, I will pick out some more.” So I picked out 7 more books and came home.  Lilly has been curled up reading them ever since and Wandering Aengus is right there beside her reading some of them too!  I love how much she loves educational books, she learns so much and I all I have to do is have them available to her.