Coming Along

Well, I am feeling better today.  Everything I had to sell is sold.  So financially we can now swing this move.  Yay!!!!  I have about 4 days to finish packing the house and while that is intimidating, I am sure I can get it done.  Wandering Aengus is going out to get me some more boxes when he gets up and then I will try to get everything possible packed up.  It is funny, it is New Year’s Eve and that is really the last thing on my mind today.  I will be glad when 1 week from now, I am out of this house and on my way to being settled in a new home.  And I will have several months between the move and the birth of our new little boy, Reed.


One thought on “Coming Along

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You’re having an exciting beginning to the New Year! I had a boy after two girls and found boys and girls really are amazingly different. It’s wonderful! Have a fabulous time settling into your new home, and a happy 2012!

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