Oh My Goodness!

Just got a call from our movers and they are going to be picking up our belongings even earlier than they had originally told us!!!  So now I have to have the whole house packed in just six days!!  I will be glad to have this move over, but I really hope I can get everything done and not exhaust myself.  It is just so hard to be doing all this while in the middle of a pregnancy!  So here’s counting down the days until we move.

(On a sidenote, I think I may have sold an old fridge we have so that will help a little with our expenses too).


One thought on “Oh My Goodness!

  1. Just conquer one section at a time and take a break. Little goals are the best way to make it feel less daunting. Try starting out with your summer items since these are “out of season” items, then move to less-used items, and lastly the items you will need up until the day of the move. Have your kids help with some of their non-breakables such as stuffed animals or clothes. And make sure you have all of your supplies before you start, check out our supply tips for self-packing – http://andrewsmoving.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/6-essential-items-for-a-self-pack-move/

    Take a deep breath and good luck! If you start to feel overwhelmed, just take a break. You’ll get it done!

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