I am nervous about this move.  Because of the schedule of the movers, it is happening a LOT sooner than I had planned.  Instead of a month after Christmas, I am moving in less than two weeks.  AAAACK!  I am not ready.  Packing while 6 months pregnant is exhausting, and having no car anymore makes it harder to get the empty boxes we need.  On top of that, two weeks means two weeks less of income that I have been able to save.  So, I have enough for the movers, and I have enough for our transportation, but I am worried about enough for groceries.  The thing is, we will be fine, more than fine after we get there.   Financially we will SOOO much better off than we are here.  Our rent will be less and our income will be more.  The movers have even said they may have a job for Wandering Aengus once we get there.  I am just so stressed about the getting there part.  I am even dreaming about it at night.


6 thoughts on “Stressed

  1. Good luck moving!! As a military wife, I understand what you’re going through! We’ve moved 7 times in our 8 years of marriage. Ack. I hope the new city is better for your family. We’re moving in 2012 too… no word yet where it will be. Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

  2. I feel for you! As an expert mover (including one when 7 months pregnant with Wombat Girl, I feel for you. Getting close to 20 times since I moved out of home (and about 10 before that). It’s always been for a good reason (at the time) but I am soooo over it!

    Looking forward to following your adventures!

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