New Home

I am Glimmering Girl, married to Wandering Aengus, stay at home, homeschooling mother of 4 (Lilly, Rose, Lotus,  and soon to be born Reed).  Having moved more than 40 times (no that is not a typo 40 times!) in my life, I have definitely done my share of wandering.

As we begin our adventure to yet another home, I thought it was good time to start over in a new blog home.  Here I will document our new life, in a new province, with a new (4th!  baby who happens to be our first boy!).  I will share the fun of homeschooling with one big girl, one little preschool girl and two littles not even ready to homeschool at all.  I will share the adventures of discovering new and wonderful things to do with our family and my attempt to curb my wandering ways and finally settle down to provide my little sprouts with some roots.

My Family

Reed - due April 22


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