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One step forward, two steps back

There is a reason that it has taken us so long to move back to Nova Scotia. We love it there. We always have, but moving from the island of Newfoundland to Nova Scotia is a right pain the neck. It is expensive and just when I think I have it all sorted away, there is another unexpected expense to jump up and rear it’s ugly head. In the past, when this happened, we changed our mind and stayed where we were, or moved to someplace second best, when Nova Scotia was still where we wanted to be. Well, this time, we will not be deterred. I don’t care how much stuff gets thrown in our way, how many new kinds of expenses I have been made to try to cover with this move, I WILL do this. I am tired of second best. We knew when we started this move that it was going to be a pain, it was going to be difficult, but we knew that just one month following this awful move, we would be SO MUCH better off than we are now. So we are sacrificing, we are working, we are doing what we can to get this done. If it means an awful first couple of weeks once we get there, we know that it will so much better afterwards. Our kids will be doing so much better over there, homeschooling will be better there.

This is kind of rambling post, but I guess I am feeling the need to justify why I am working so hard to move. The truth is, it is where we have always wanted to be. We have worked out our budget again and again and we will be better off financially there. And finally, I think it will be good for my family. People (family) don’t get it, but that is too bad. I am doing this for my children and my husband, nobody else has to get it.

Coming Along

Well, I am feeling better today.  Everything I had to sell is sold.  So financially we can now swing this move.  Yay!!!!  I have about 4 days to finish packing the house and while that is intimidating, I am sure I can get it done.  Wandering Aengus is going out to get me some more boxes when he gets up and then I will try to get everything possible packed up.  It is funny, it is New Year’s Eve and that is really the last thing on my mind today.  I will be glad when 1 week from now, I am out of this house and on my way to being settled in a new home.  And I will have several months between the move and the birth of our new little boy, Reed.

Wearing out the Refresh Button

At this moment, I have a fridge and a washer and dryer for sale on Kijiji.  I really need them to sell to help make our move a little easier financially and because there is no room for them in our new place.  I have been in contact with a few people and I am anxiously awaiting a response that says they would like to buy one of the items.  So I have been wearing out the refresh button driving myself crazy seeing if anyone has gotten back to me yet.  I really do obsess over things sometimes.

More Cuteness

When Lotus was a baby, she would cry hysterically every time we changed her bottom.  She was so upset and the only thing that calmed her down was singing.  So I would sing nonsense songs to make her happy while I changed her.  One song that was a hit was the “Changa Bum” song.  It was silly and it made her smile.  One of the first things she or her older sister Rose started doing was saying the “Hey!” line at the end and it would make her happy.

Right now, two year old Lotus is in her room singing:

(to the tune of Jingle Bells”

Changa Bum

Changa Bum

Changa Bum today!

Mommy’s Gonna Changa Bum and make stinkies go away


Listening to her sing from her nap is making me smile today.

Oh My Goodness!

Just got a call from our movers and they are going to be picking up our belongings even earlier than they had originally told us!!!  So now I have to have the whole house packed in just six days!!  I will be glad to have this move over, but I really hope I can get everything done and not exhaust myself.  It is just so hard to be doing all this while in the middle of a pregnancy!  So here’s counting down the days until we move.

(On a sidenote, I think I may have sold an old fridge we have so that will help a little with our expenses too).

A Moment or Two of Cute

Wandering Aengus and I were talking in our room this morning, planning our day and such while the girls ran around outside playing.  After a few minutes, we heard 3 year old Rose outside our door, “Daddy!  Daddy! I hurt me!”  Aengus asked her, “What do you need?  Do you want me to kiss it better?”  “Uh huh”.  So he opens the door, kisses her knee and she runs off  happy as can be.

A short while later, 2 year old Lotus comes up to the door, sticks her little fingers underneath it and starts *talking* to Aengus.  Now this conversations mostly consists of baby talk and copying daddy’s words, but she is convinced that they are talking.  Then Aengus says, “I’m gonna get you!”  And she takes off running down the hall breathlessly giggling.

This is my life as the mom of three girls.  Giggles, hugs, snuggles and cuteness.  Now how can anyone really still question me on why we are adding one more sprout to our little garden.


I am nervous about this move.  Because of the schedule of the movers, it is happening a LOT sooner than I had planned.  Instead of a month after Christmas, I am moving in less than two weeks.  AAAACK!  I am not ready.  Packing while 6 months pregnant is exhausting, and having no car anymore makes it harder to get the empty boxes we need.  On top of that, two weeks means two weeks less of income that I have been able to save.  So, I have enough for the movers, and I have enough for our transportation, but I am worried about enough for groceries.  The thing is, we will be fine, more than fine after we get there.   Financially we will SOOO much better off than we are here.  Our rent will be less and our income will be more.  The movers have even said they may have a job for Wandering Aengus once we get there.  I am just so stressed about the getting there part.  I am even dreaming about it at night.

New Home

I am Glimmering Girl, married to Wandering Aengus, stay at home, homeschooling mother of 4 (Lilly, Rose, Lotus,  and soon to be born Reed).  Having moved more than 40 times (no that is not a typo 40 times!) in my life, I have definitely done my share of wandering.

As we begin our adventure to yet another home, I thought it was good time to start over in a new blog home.  Here I will document our new life, in a new province, with a new (4th!  baby who happens to be our first boy!).  I will share the fun of homeschooling with one big girl, one little preschool girl and two littles not even ready to homeschool at all.  I will share the adventures of discovering new and wonderful things to do with our family and my attempt to curb my wandering ways and finally settle down to provide my little sprouts with some roots.

My Family

Reed - due April 22